CEA Group provides the following Architects Services

Our Architects are registered with the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland

We provide a full range of architectural design services from initial briefing and feasibility studies to practical completion and aftercare. Our service can be tailored to suit our clients requirements or expanded to embrace single point service for appropriate projects.

A feasibility study investigates and evaluates the potential of a site or building. It clearly sets out a brief history of the site, and its overall condition and significance, as well as the constraints and opportunities.  Options are developed, compared, and a preferred option is established and a programme of work identified.  These studies are often grant funded and then form part of the submission for further grant applications. We have undertaken many feasibility studies during our years in practice; a high percentage have been realised as actual projects.  We believe that this is due to the quality of our work.

Compilation of Planning Applications (including preparation of O.S. Maps, planning application forms, planning drawings/reports, outline specification details, discharge licence & other related procedures with the Local Authority). This area also covers the specialised area of Zoning submissions for changes to the Development Plan, plus the likes of Planning Appeals to An Bord Pleanála.

From an original concept after meeting a client, the following pre design steps are carried out: • Feasibility studies • Planning History investigation • Desk studies • Development Plan assessment • Site investigation & general preliminary guideline advices

Many of our projects are modeled in 3d visualisations from the outset which simplifies evolution of the design and comprehension of the different interests within it. Simple 3D or photo realistic models can be produced as part of our basic architectural development process. Simple fly-throughs are also used and can form a basis for more sophisticated presentations prepared in co-operation with the appropriate specialists.

CEA Group designs places where people live, work and play. We work in partnership with our clients, communicating their vision, reflecting their brand and delivering their spirations. Our work is creative, sustainable and passes the test of time. We work hard to build lasting relationships. By applying our collective skills and expertise, we can deliver the added value that our clients expect from us. Space planning is a fundamental of good architectural design and we take great care that both internal and external spaces match the specific needs of the brief in our buildings. CEA Group has valuable in-house experience in interior design in domestic and commercial developments which can be delivered either as an integral part of the architectural service or a separate dedicated service.

CEA Group providing innovative and sustainable solutions to public and private sector clients, businesses, industries, developers, builders, designers and architects to make  heir projects, businesses, operations and processes sustainable and deep green, and which we will certify with international accreditation and rating systems. We will develop for you effective total green strategies for your project, business to improve the environment in the most sustainable way with smart and integrated solutions.

As an Assigned Certifier, CEA Group will undertake to inspect, and to co-ordinate the inspection activities of others during the construction, and to certify the building or the works on completion. The role of the “Assigned Certifier” in compliance with the Building Control Regulations Code of Practice is outlined below. Building Control Regulations Code of Practice The Assigned Certifier is assigned by the Building Owner as required under the Building Control Regulations. They undertake to inspect, and to co-ordinate the inspection activities of others during construction, and to certify the building or works on completion. The role of Assigned Certifier does not include responsibility for the supervision of any builder. They may or may not be a member of the design team.


The Assigned Certifier should:  • Provide and sign the relevant statutory certificates – the form of undertaking at commencement and the Certificate of Compliance on Completion; • Co-ordinate the ancillary certification by members of the design team and other relevant bodies for the Certificate of Compliance on Completion; • Identify all design professionals and specialists, in conjunction with the Builder, from whom certificates are required; • Identify all certificates required and obtain them; • Co-ordinate and collate all certification of compliance for completion in conjunction with the Builder; • In consultation with the members of the design team, plan and oversee the implementation of the Inspection Plan during Construction; • Prepare the Preliminary Inspection Plan and oversee adherence to this plan, and on completion provide the Inspection Plan as implemented; • On termination or relinquishment of their appointment make available to the Building Owner all certification prepared and inspection reports carried out; • Act as the single point of contact with the Building Control Authority during construction; • Seek advice from the Building Control Authority, in respect of compliance matters relating to the building or works where disputes or differences of opinion arise between the parties to the project; and maintain records of inspection.

CEA Group extensive skill set and staff with decades of experience ensures that our clients, both within the public and private sector, are expertly guided through the ever evolving planning system. Services we specialise in this area include: • Strategic Planning • Planning Procurement • Planning Enforcement • Site Appraisals & Feasibility Studies • Renewable Energy Developments • Community Led Development Projects • Development and Local Area Plans • Housing Strategies • Environmental Impact Assessments • Strategic Environmental Assessments • Natural Impact Assessments (AA Screening) • Retail Impact Assessments (RIA) • Planning Legislation/Regulatory Advice • Asset Management and Advice • Oral Hearing Representation • Planning Due Diligence

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CEA Group provide the following consultancy services in the area of Fire Safety Engineering: –  Preparation of Fire Safety Certificate Applications for compliance with Building Control Regulations. –  Fire Safety Engineering Design Solutions for non-conventional code compliant developments. –  Fire Safety Assessment Surveys of existing buildings and specifications for fire safety upgrading works. –  Preparation of fire protection drawings for use in conjunction with assessment reports. –  Preparation of drawings and specifications for fire safety upgrading works to existing buildings. –  Design of Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems. –  During Construction Surveys and monitoring of construction works. –  Certificates of Compliance.

On 1st October 2009 the Department of the Environment made changes to the Building Regulations – ‘Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009?. Under these regulation changes were implemented which made a Disability Access Certificate (DAC), mandatory for all public premises from 01 January 2010. What is a DAC? A DAC will certify compliance at design stage with the requirements of Technical Guidance Document M 2000 of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations 1997 to 2008. It means your building will be accessible for persons with varying disabilities.

Our RIAI Registered Architects do not design buildings to win awards for themselves. We design buildings to expand the Financial Return for our clients. We understand our client’s needs and this is our motto for every client.