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CEA Group property investment advisors will analyse securities based on past performance, current or projected market conditions, and the underlying financial structure of a specific deal, and makes investment recommendations to an individual or group of investors. CEA Group are the only company in Ireland offering this unique property service for developers and investors wanting to make good returns from their investments. Our clients trust us and trust our judgement.


The IN

This means that we advise our clients on the best return for the specific site, the area, the demand in that area, any planning restrictions, the site constraints, the potential purchasers/tenants, future development of the area and any other issues with the site.


We work closely with Estate agents, Auctioneers, Financial Institutions, Receivers, Housing Agencies, Nursing Home Operators, Investment Funds, Pension Funds both in Ireland and abroad. With these contacts CEA Group can offer the out to our clients and get the best possible returns for our clients.

Purchase Stage

CEA Group as your Investment Advisor can provide clients with:
  • Public or private purchase negotiation representation.
  • Relevant due diligence – legal, technical and financial.
  • Feasibility study which will encompass a commercial and financial appraisal.
  • Clear and concise risk analysis.
  • Advice and recommendations in relation to legislation such as planning and building regulations.
  • The management of the legal requirements.
  • Advice in the formation of property development entities and legal structures.
  • All relevant surveys of the property investment.

Project Analysis

CEA Group as your Investment Advisor can provide clients with:
  • Fixed cost for the development/project.
  • Fixed programme for the completion of the development/project.
  • Professional team of engineers, architects & surveyors for the development.
  • Advise in relation to risk management.
  • Appoint main contractor and single point of contact for the investor.
  • Health & safety
  • Continuous status reporting.

Project Management

CEA Group as your investment partner can provide clients with:
  • On completion, assistance with the handover
  • Private sale negotiation representation.
  • Independent market review.
  • Monitoring role to oversee the successful sale of the project/development.
  • Advice on a clear and concise marketing.
  • The management of your legal requirements.